Stonington Summer Camp Week 9

This was our last week of full summer camp offerings and all of our educators and campers made it a wonderful time! From marine science to adventure sports to sailing, we took expeditions on boats, adventure sails throughout the harbor, and learned lots about the ocean.

Marine Science

The youngest campers, the Little Aquanauts, became explorers this week by brainstorming questions about the ocean and finding the answers! The Aquanauts swam, kayaked, paddleboarded, seine netted, and tidal pooled to learn about ocean creatures. The afternoon Aquanauts focused on practicing their swimming skills by building confidence and comfort in the water at Napatree, Sandy Point, and off the docks at NESS. The Bay Bounders studied the deep ocean and explored ships and boat design. The Bay Bounders snorkeled, kayaked, sailed, and designed ROVs to accomplish the exploratory goals of the week. Ocean Explorers morning camp wrote, directed, and starred in their own ocean films, while the afternoon group learned about the people of the sea and how living things likely evolved from the oceans. The film crew traveled to different spots near NESS to film PSA’s while the sea people kayaked, snorkeled, and seined to discover the importance of the ocean to humans around the world. The Marine Biologists this week were Junior Instructors in Training! The students took on professional learning experiences including ACA Kayak training, NSSIA surf instruction, ARC Waterfront Lifeguarding, and US Sailing Small Boat instruction. Throughout the week, the JI’s in training hopped on program and assisted with the other marine science camps, including boogie boarding with Bay Bounders, teaching Aquanauts to swim, and geocaching with Ocean Explorers. Great job to all our developing JI’s, we can’t wait to see you in action in a few years!

Adventure Sports

This week we had three adventure sports classes, including Wiki Wiki Makai, Adventure Clashes, and Sports Fishing. Wiki Wiki tested their water riding skills by surfing at East Beach, by kayaking around the harbor, and practicing yoga on the beach. The Adventure Clashes team kayaked, snorkeled, windsurfed, boogie boarded, and SUP-ed to learn about weather, wind, waves, navigation, and local history while exploring Long Island Sound. Sports Fishing had a great week experimenting with different techniques to catch large game fish. The fishing crew bottom fished at Latimer Light, explored the Watch Hill Reef catching 25 fish, traveled to the estuary to catch blue fish, and observed a “Planet Earth”-worthy bait ball!


With classes for all levels of experience, the sailing program focused on students’ needs to further their skills and comfort on the water. This included becoming familiar with water safety, learning the different parts of the boat, rigging, steering, sailing lingo, and the use of hiking straps and tiller extensions. Race training with our experienced instructors is available, as well as the Sailing Adventures program to get students on the water who want to simply go sailing and exploring.

We can’t wait to see what the final week of summer camp has in store for us! Thank you to everyone who has made this a memorable summer full of experiential learning, personal growth, and fun!