Stonington Summer Camp Week 8

The weeks are flying by and this week was no exception to the wonderful weather, fun, and learning we’ve been having! Whether sailing, marine science, or adventure sports, campers learned to develop techniques and skills, learn about new topics, and meet new friends.

Marine Science

Marine science camps focused on everything from swimming skills to food webs, to wild warrior skills, and more! The Little Aquanauts learned about creatures of the sea and learned about ocean and water safety. The students made a creature log book to remember all the marine animals they found at places like Dodge Paddock, Diving Street, and Sandy Point. The Bay Bounders investigated oceanic food webs and surfed in the afternoon! Through Harbor Cruises, lessons on fish and waves, fishing, and kayaking, the Bay Bounders observed adaptations of sea creatures, learned about how fish are influenced by people, and studied the science behind surfing. Our morning Ocean Explorers joined the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center to become wild warriors! These campers discovered and practiced skills that are needed for survival on land and at sea! During the NESS portion, students learned to sail, build sand forts, snorkeled,boogie boarded, and practiced lots of swimming! The afternoon group learned all about fish through the mindset of stewardship and conservation. They engineered fish traps, made lures, and went crabbing. Our Marine Biologists discovered how scientists track and tag ocean animals while gaining a better understanding of how we can create marine protected areas. The class learned how to identify crabs, track sharks, tagged horseshoe crabs, and did dissections!

Adventure Sports

This week was a great week for a mix of adventure sports including Endless Summer Surf, Wiki Wiki Mikai, Wave Monkeys, SnorkYak and Sport Fishing. Endless Summer Surf allowed students to travel the Rhode Island coast searching for new and exciting surf locations. The search for the ultimate waves led to exploring Matunuck, Fisher’s Island, Watch Hill, and East Beach while gaining an understanding of surf culture, science of waves, and bottom topography. Wiki Wiki, Wave Monkeys, and SnorYak surfed, kayaked, snorkeled, paddle boarded, and even tried some SUP yoga this week! Our Sport Fishers had a great week exploring different spots and fishing techniques, and even snagged a tuna on the first day!


Our sailing camps continue to run smoothly for students ages 6 and up! Our beginner sailors became familiar with water safety in optimist trainers while also being introduced to the boat, knots, rigging, and steering. Our intermediate students took on the challenge of learning to solo sail and continued to develop overall comfort on the water. Sailing Adventures, Windsurfing and SUP, and Advanced Adventures learned to sail on a variety of boats and boards including Bic Techno 293 boards, Hartleys, 420s, and more! Our racing students continued to develop foundation skills and used the trapeze and spinnaker, while competing in local regattas!