Stonington Summer Camp Week 7

Week 7 brought lots of exciting trips, research, and learning! And, of course, fun! Sunny skies and fair winds made for a great week to get out on the water whether for sailing, surfing, fishing, wind surfing, kayaking, and more! Students focused on learning new skills and developing new techniques and practices in all areas of camp. It has also been so fun getting to know students, seasonal staff, and families throughout the summer!

Marine Science

This week’s theme focused on technology, research, and science! The Little Aquanauts focused on learning about different technologies that scientists use to study the deep, like ROVs. ROVs are remotely operated vehicles! The Aquanauts experimented with plankton tows, engineering challenges, underwater cameras, and more! The afternoon class learned about how important algae is to marine ecosystems. They explored the anatomy and functions of algae, as well as snorkeled to collect samples for creating algae presses!

The Bay Bounders traveled through time to discover how people have navigated their way around the oceans for hundreds of years by making maps and studying the stars. They even learned how to geocache to find hidden treasure right here in the Borough! Afternoon Bay Bounders practiced new swim techniques based on how animals in the ocean move through the water. On their swimming adventures, they even got to tag a horseshoe crab along the way!

Ocean Explorers also did some of their own underwater research and learned about the history of the sea. They learned to test the quality of water in multiple locations to compare and hypothesize about the health of the ocean. They even did some upcycling by turning beach trash into works of art! The afternoon class learned about the history of Napatree Point, made vlogs, and studied artifacts from the burnt building at Dodge Paddock.

This week, we had a partnership program with the Marine Biologist camp and the Mystic Aquarium! At NESS, the students explored the bay by kayak, snorkel, foot, and boat to perform field research. At the Aquarium, students focused on animal conservation and animal behavior. Throughout the week with NESS, the Marine Biologists talked about research methods, had lots of time to practice water quality sampling, and data collection!

Adventure Sports

This week our Adventure Sports camps learned everything from life guarding skills, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, fishing, boating, and more! This was our first week of our Junior Guarding class this summer! The students learned the basics of lifeguard skills while developing teamwork, leadership, and safety skills. The students learned to splint, learned how to handle on the water emergencies, and even ran their own “Code Blue-Medical Emergency” Drill! Our Fresh and Salt Water Fishing class continued to reel em in! This week, they caught a Bonito and there continues to be lots of mackerel! NESS also graduated 9 new student US Powerboating Safe Boaters! Congratulations and thanks for keeping our waters safe!


Our sailing camps continued to be full of new and experienced sailors! The beginner sailors learned the basics of sailing through introductory classes in a nurturing and safe environment. Intermediate sailors continued to develop skills and gained confidence by sailing solo! Our advanced sailors experimented with new types of boats like O’pen Bics, Hartleys, 420s, small keelboats, and wind surfing. Our race teams continued to foster a great team-first mentality, enhanced on the water skills, and participated in local regattas! It has been awesome to see all the sailors improve, learn, and grow over the past few weeks!

There are still 3 weeks of camp left! We would love to see you here! We are looking forward to a great Week 8!