Stonington Summer Camp Week 6

It’s been smooth sailing into August here in Stonington! Last week, students hopped on boats exploring everything from pirates, marine debris, climate change, and more! The heat wave made sure that students of all ages and all class types have gotten plenty of time in and on the water!

Marine Science

Arrr! The Little Aquanauts climbed aboard sailboats, kayaks, and more to discover the long lost tales of the sea and pirate their own ship! This included snorkeling and exploring a sunken ship right here in the harbor. When not adorning eye patches and three cornered hats, the Aquanauts learned about ocean and water safety with our certified lifeguards while building confidence and comfort in the water. Bay Bounders became scientists and took action to protect the ocean environment and taught younger campers how to do the same! The Bay Bounders explored topics like marine debris and human effects on climate change. Campers provided Sandy Point with a trash clean up, learned how to become weather forecasters, and snorkeled the local area in search of baby horseshoe crabs! Ocean Explorers also became EnvironMentors and learned how to bring awareness to environmental causes. The crew spent time with the Bay Bounders to create carnival games concerning different environmental topics for the Friday fair. The afternoon Ocean Explorers learned all about the ocean and sailing, through activities like fishing, Sonar sailing, snorkeling and boogie boarding to learn about water quality, hydrodynamics, and navigation.

Adventure Sports

Surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and other mixed adventure sports allowed campers to explore the Sound in new and exciting ways. The Flats Fishing class learned to find the best spots for catching striped bass and bluefish in this catch and release camp. Surf Team had their first week of camp which included week-long coaching and training. They learned to compare different sites, rode different kinds of boards, and worked on improving their wave-riding techniques. Snorkel and SUP the Sound learned to dive deep and explore the ocean floor using safe breath holding techniques and weight belts. The campers chose new snorkel spots every day by charting their way around the area!


Our sailing camps continued to focus on developing skills and comfort on the water in beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Sailors learned to rig and de-rig, steer, use hiking straps and tiller extensions, and understand sailing lingo. The racers continued to work on perfecting their skills and competed in local regattas.

There are still three weeks of camp left! Sign up for ocean adventures today!