Stonington Summer Camp Week 4

Summer is flying by and Week 4 was no exception to a wonderful week at camp! Although the skies opened up a bit on Thursday, all our students and instructors were able to get plenty of time out on the water and learning lots of new things! Students traveled all over the area to Fisher’s Island, Ram Island, the Velvet Mill, Napatree Point, and others by boat, paddle board, kayak, and on foot!

Marine Science

The Little Aquanauts, or as they like to be called, “Big Aquanauts,” discovered what kinds of tiny life can be found in the ocean and how the water cycle influences our environments. The Aquanauts kayaked in our local watershed, learned all about snails, paddle boarded, swam, took a close look at plankton, and even took a boat ride on NESSie! The Bay Bounders explored how evolution has influenced local critters and examined the power of water by learning about how ocean impacts all life on earth. The morning group snorkeled at Sandy Point and found a puffer fish on the first day! The crew was also very into telling ghost stories, the kind you might hear aboard old pirate ships! Ocean Explorers also took a peek at how plankton help the marine food chain running smoothly and took trips through the local marine areas. They explored these places not only by boat, but also by Remotely Operated Vehicles to take a deeper look! Marine Biologists became farmers this week by learning to engineer an aquaponics system and learned how humans impact global climate and changing sea levels. The Marine Biologists explored the ocean in new ways by surfing, water expeditions, and kayaking.

Adventure Sports

Junior Fishing learned the basics of fishing equipment and gear! They tried a variety of fishing styles, dissected fish, and learned some of the best local fishing spots. We also had a class for our older fisher-people where they learned to study fish habits, practiced a variety of techniques to catch fish, learned a variety of knots, and became more aware of the local fisheries and fishing impacts. Our Surfers learned the basics of predicting, selecting, and judging waves. The surfers traveled to different spots around the area like Napatree to build confidence in the fundamentals of surfing. The Sea FitNESS students explored the ocean and built strength, stability, and flexibility. The students learned new paddle and swim techniques while exploring the surrounding marine environments. Wiki Wiki Makai continued to test their water riding skills on boogie boards, surf boards, paddle boards, and windsurfing to build confidence on the water and try out new water sports.


This week, we continued to offer sailing classes for all levels. The First and Second Taste of Optis sailors learned the basics of rigging, sailing, and beginner knots, while increasing comfort on the water and in the Optimist dinghies. Hartley Level 1 and 2 students also worked on beginning sailing skills on this recreational boat. Our Racing camps traveled to regattas while tackling racing tactics, strategies, and techniques. Windsurfing & SUP and Advanced Adventures practiced skills and techniques aboard a variety of sailing vessels.

As always, thank you for making NESS a part of your child’s summer. We hope to see you again soon!