2019 Stonington Camp Week 3

We had another great week (other than an unexpected downpour Friday afternoon!) for campers of all ages and sessions to get out on the water and try something new! During Week 3, NESS students explored everything from the tides and weather to trying out new types of boats.

Marine Science

Our Little Aquanauts discovered how the weather and the ocean are connected, as well as how the ancient civilization, Atlantis, sank to the bottom of the sea. Aquanauts enjoyed kayaking to Hurricane Beach, finding hermit crabs, paddleboarding, and taking trips to Sandy Point. Bay Bounders explored how wind can be used as a renewable

resource by engineering a wind turbine and learned about ocean sounds and vibrations by examining how sonar works. The campers saw how wind affects their boogie boards, swam, paddle boarded, snorkeled, and even took a Sonar sailing ride! Ocean Explorers also learned about weather by traveling to different local environments to observe signs of storms in the past and predicting how these events occur and affect people. They also tried out some wave riding and learned about the science behind board sports. Stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and windsurfing were perfect vehicles for these explorations! Marine Biologists took on science by sail and constructed Remotely Operated Vehicles to explore the deep. They learned how to rig and sail our 23′ Sonars, did plankton tows, and tested out their ROVs by the end of the week!

Adventure Sports

We had lots of exciting learning going on this week during our Adventure Sports camps! Between our ACA Kayak camp, Snor-Yak, Wind & Waves, Junior Fishing, Flats Fishing, and Boater’s Ed, there was no shortage of fun! The fishing class caught 108 fish and one lobster by the end of the week!! The other groups tried out SUP yoga,

snorkeling, and boogie boarding. The ACA Kayak campers learned how to become stronger kayakers, investigated the tools and safety equipment necessary for leading groups, and learned to plan trips! The group tested out their skills by taking the Bay Bounders out for a kayak expedition around the harbor!


Optis, Hartleys, and Open Bics, oh my! This week during sailing camp, students experimented with all different types of boats, whether learning the basics or preparing for regattas. Our newest sailors learned how to rig, derig, and maneuver around the harbor, and our more advanced sailors competed, windsurfed, and continued developing confidence out on the water! On Friday, we had lots of wind and made for a perfect sailing day!

Have campers who want to come back again? Check out our sessions for the rest of the summer, there is still space in upcoming weeks!