2019 Stonington Camp Week 2

What a week! We had great weather for marine science, adventure sports, and sailing during week 2! It was pretty toasty, but our campers had plenty of time to beat the heat out on and in the water. Although on July 4th we didn’t have camp, we participated in the Stonington Borough Fourth of July Parade! We had plenty of campers and their families join the march through the Borough. Thank you for everyone who came out to support NESS and walk with us!

Marine Science

The Little Aquanauts explored what it was like on Earth millions of years ago by studying prehistoric adaptations and understanding in which ways our planet has been shaped by geological events and concepts like plate tectonics, erosion, and volcanoes. They even got a chance to take a up close and personal look at a very ancient creature, the horseshoe crab! The Bay Bounders sifted through the history of our geological landscape by exploring how sand is formed and how it affects our local ecosystems. The afternoon Bay Bounders learned all about the science of fish! They explored these topics through snorkeling, swimming, building sandcastles and boogie boarding at Sandy Point, fishing, and more! This week, Ocean Explorers built models of the Long Island Sound Basin and discovered the cause and effect of landscape design and of our rising ocean. They also got techy with aquatic technology like microscopes and ROVs to understand how we explore the ocean. This included trips to Dodge Paddock, kayaking, geocaching, and looking at shark tracking tags in real time! We had a full-day Marine Biologist camp in collaboration with Project Oceanology! The Marine Biologists spent the first half of the week with NESS for some kayaking, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and sailing as a way to introduce the campers to the local habitats.

Adventure Sports

Week 2 was an exciting week for our adventure sports campers, we had  full sessions of Surf, Wind & Waves, Wave Monkeys, and Fishing. Campers got out SUPing, boogie boarding, surfing, and fishing at locations such as East Beach, Napatree Point, The Velvet Mill, Sandy Point, and the West Breakwall. It was a great week to catch some waves, learn about the history of surfing, understand types of waves in the lab, and explore new ways of fishing like by kayak!


Our instructors taught beginner sailing classes to new campers to learn the basics of sailing Optis and Hartleys, while our continuing sailing students worked on their skills through the 420 and Opti Race and Development programs. Six of our students from our Race programs spent this past weekend at the New Bedford Junior Regatta. This Regatta was a two-day out of state regatta and they did great! Congrats to Ike Schutz who came in 9th in the Optimist Regatta! Congrats to the NESS team and coach, Mark “Zorro” Zagol!

Want to come back for more sailing, adventures, and science? There are still spots in many of our programs throughout the rest of the summer! Program registration closes at midnight on Wednesday before each session.