Swimming Pool Science!

NESS educators are incredibly innovative and adaptable when it comes to creating and implementing programs. They work with schools and organizations to provide our programming no matter where the location is or what the topic is. This week on the blog, guest blogger and educator, Evan “Wookie” McOmber talks about the adaptability of our programs, including a snapshot of one of his recent projects using a school’s swimming pool! Just because a school isn’t located on or near the water, or isn’t able to visit us on-site, doesn’t mean that NESS can’t provide the same programming experiences that we do for schools that come to NESS as part of a field trip. More from Wookie:

“Our educators tailor each program to a school’s needs, whether that program aligns the Next Generation Science Standards, is a part of an after school enrichment program, or is an experience-based field trip. By working directly with principals, teachers, curriculum developers, community partners, or PTO members, NESS can address a school’s needs on an individual basis. A byproduct of this one-on-one attention, is that NESS can utilize schools’ specific resources. This can be in the form of a nature trail on the property, a pond in walking distance of the school, or even the school’s indoor pool!

John S. Martinez Magnet School

NESS has been doing just that with John S. Martinez Magnet School (JSM) in New Haven. For the past three years, NESS has brought an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) program to the 8th graders at JSM. Students participate in this hands-on engineering challenge by designing, building, and then testing their ROV creation in the school’s pool. For the past two years NESS has also provided a hydropower program to the 7th graders to stress the importance of green energy. The students learn about the pros and cons of dams in the classroom with their teachers, then design and build a functional model water wheel pool-side!

Pool-Side Hydro Engineering

These models use small waterproof motors attached to a volt meter that records the volts produced, so they can change and improve their models to increase the efficiency. NESS has provided this hydropower program before in a classroom setting, but by using the school’s resources, the students receive a completely unique experience! We give the students free rein to be as messy they want, which also gives their creativity free rein. This ‘organized chaos’ keeps the students 100% engaged in this STEM activity, while creating a fun and memorable experience with NESS and their school.”

Want to bring NESS’s awesome programming to your school or organization? Check out our Educational Program Guide to find a program that works for you and your students!