NESS Educational Program Guide

Educational Program Preview

NESS’s student-centered, inquiry-based programs – all rooted in the growth mindset – will engage your students in their own learning through our innovative, real-world experiences that are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). NESS helps teachers meet the standards by engaging students and creating opportunities for them to demonstrate their thinking and learning. The NGSS and Ocean Literacy Principles enable students to view learning as an interrelated world of inquiry and phenomena rather than a static set of disciplines. NESS’s ocean adventure educational programs provide inquiry-based STEM classroom and field expeditions to explore real-world problems.

Customize Your Own Program

Studying something different with your class? Looking for the perfect team-building program or field trip to start or end the year right? Work with NESS to customize your own educational programs and meet your students’ learning needs. Coordinate NESS programming with your school’s curriculum and choose from various marine science, adventure sports, or sailing options. Utilize NESS’s unique waterfront and facility, the NESS marine science lab, and/or the NESS fleet of watercraft to create your own exciting, engaging, and hands-on ocean adventure program.

Reserve Your Field Expedition

School groups come to NESS Spring and Fall to get out of the classroom and on the water to experience our unique programs.

Our Field Expeditions Can accommodate up to 60 students. Student groups rotate through stations. Our most popular trip is:

Rotation 1: Sailing
Rotation 2: Kayaking
Rotation 3: Marine Science Lab
(i.e., plankton lab, touch tanks, exploring local tide pools)

Pricing varies on program choice, length of time, and number of students.

To book a Field Expedition:

Call 860.535.9362 or email and provide the following information:
Preferred dates
Grade level
Number of students
Rotation choices for 1,2, & 3.