Powerboating at NESS: Which Class Is Right For You?

We are excited to announce that in 2018 we are expanding our powerboating programs! As a US Safe Powerboating certified Powerboat Training Center, we offer group classes for all abilities, ages 12 and older, as well as private lessons. NESS can accommodate your needs and work on the skills you would like to learn, to keep you confident and safe out on the water! We even offer nighttime classes. Below we break down all of our classes, the prerequisites they require, and the certifications you earn! Questions? Give us a call!

Powerboating Camp

We have expanded our camp powerboating courses! We will now be offering Boaters Ed and Advanced Boating!

Boaters Ed (Ages 12-17): Join a NESS USCG licensed captain and learn the basics of safe boating. Gain knowledge and confidence in coastal navigation. Take to the water to learn basic powerboat maneuvers in one of our 17 ft. whalers, including docking and anchoring. Upon successful completion of the on-water and classroom modules you will receive a US Sailing Safe Powerboating Certificate. Students will also have satisfied the Connecticut State requirements to obtain their CT Sate Boaters License. Includes: classroom and on the water instruction. $290 for one week

Advanced Boating (Ages 12-17): Boater’s Ed is just the beginning. Venture further to build and expand your powerboating comfort level. Plan and navigate short trips to practical locations like Sandy Point island and Napatree point preserve. Learn comfort, ease and competency with shallow water navigation, how to anchor and safely land near a beach. Travel to further destinations like the Pawcatuck and Mystic River. Use charts, compass, and GPS to determine position. Plenty of docking and close quarters driving to keep things interesting. Includes: navigation, planning and practical boat handling. $290 for one week

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CT Powerboating Certification/Personal Watercraft Operation

Certification: Safe Boating Certificate (SBC) / Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO)
Prerequisite: none

This 8 hour course satisfies the CT DEEP classroom requirement for students to receive their Safe Boating Certificate and/or their Certificate of Personal Watercraft. Although entirely classroom based, the participants will get a chance to handle and work with all required boating safety equipment. The US Coast Guard, US Powerboating, and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) have approved this course.

The February 15th course will be taught by the DEEP Boating Division  Safety Representative Jerry Desmond and cannot lead to a US Powerboating certificate (but if students pass the CT State Test at the end of the course they will receive their boating certificate). $25

All other CT Powerboating Certification/Personal Watercraft Operators courses will be taught by one of our USCG captains. Our captains have thousands of hours of experience on the water and make this content packed course interesting and applicable to the real boating world. This one day course can lead to a US Powerboating Safe Boating Certificate if the student elects to return to NESS for a day of boat instruction on the water. $75

Safe Powerboat Handling

Certification: US Powerboating Safe Boating Certificate
Prerequisite: none

This 16-hour hands-on course is for anyone who needs their state boating license and who wants to learn how to safely operate a small powerboat and improve their boathandling skills. The US Coast Guard and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) have approved this course as both a State and US Powerboat Certification course. Our USCG Captains will cover classroom topics such as boating safety, aids to navigation, and rules of the road. On the water drills will focus on close quarters boat handling such as docking, pivot turns, and backing up. Over half the course is spent on the water, so don’t just sit in a classroom to get your boating license, let us get you on the water! $290/2 day $215/1 day on the water

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US Level 1 Prep Course

Certification: none
Prerequisite: State Boating License

Designed by our Level 1 Instructor Trainer, this class is designed to help your teenager gain powerboat confidence before attending their US Sailing Level 1 course. Topics covered will be both on-the-water and classroom topics that will need to be known to pass the powerboating section of the Level 1 class. This class does not guarantee you will pass the powerboating section of the level 1 however our instructor will direct you on what to practice and focus on before attending your course. $150/5 hours

Private Lesson – On Our Boat or yours

Have you just purchased a new powerboat and want to familiarize yourself with the new systems? Have one of our USCG licensed Captains come to you and get hands-on practice on your own boat! Call for more information.

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