World Oceans Day – June 8, 2016

Today was not your typical World Oceans Day in Stonington.

Around 5am, Bob Guzzo, the owner of the fishing boat “Jenna Lynn II” snagged a sunken 32-foot powerboat with his fishing net off Watch Hill. The powerboat sank last November 13 after hitting rocks near Watch Hill. While the Coast Guard did a search to find the boat last fall, they were never able to locate it. Bob’s fishing net, however, did the trick. Fortunately, NESS staff members were standing by to save the day. They reported the powerboat’s unfortunate diesel fuel leak to DEEP, the Coast Guard, the Stonington Fire Department, and Stonington town officials. NESS Director of Operations Ben Yanni went to Stonington’s Dodson Boatyard to get boom to contain the spill. At NESS, we teach students how to be stewards of their natural environment and making sure that we care for the ocean is our number one priority. We are extremely proud of all those who helped ensure that the leak did not spread further.