Summer Camp FAQs

We are looking forward to summer camp registration opening on February 1, 2019! If you have questions, please reach out! Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

What summer programs do you offer?

We have 10 weeks of summer camp for ages 4-17. Our summer programs are divided into four main categories: marine science, sailing, adventure sports, and powerboating. In each program description you can see specific activities that are involved in the class. Courses run from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Mix and match morning and afternoon classes for a full day camp experience!

Does my child have to know how to swim to participate in NESS programs?

It is not necessary to be a skilled swimmer to participate in NESS programs, but comfort on and around the water is a must! All students will wear lifejackets on the water. For some activities older students will have the option to take a swim test if they would like to remove their lifejacket.

Do you offer early drop off/late pick up?

Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up are available for an additional fee. Drop off as early as 8 am and pick up as late as 5:30 pm, our staff will supervise students here for extended hours.

I signed up for a waitlist, what happens now?

Should any spots open up in a waitlisted program, families will be contacted in the order that they signed up. If the first person on the waitlist passes on the available spot the second person will be contacted, etc.

Do you offer financial aid?

Full and partial need-based scholarships are available to make the ocean accessible to all! Visit nessf.org/ness-scholarships or email jslocum@nessf.org for more information.

How does NESS organize classes? By age group?

Our programs are designed to be educational, engaging, safe, and fun for all students. In order to do this, we develop programs and activities for specific ages. NESS does not allow students to join classes for older or younger students.

My camper is staying at NESS all day, what happens in between programs?

If your child is staying at NESS all day we have a supervised lunch period in between classes. NESS does not provide lunch, please either pack a lunch for your student daily, or order a lunch through Indulge and we will deliver it at lunchtime!

My child has a schedule conflict, can they come to class a little late?

Due to the nature of NESS programs late arrivals and early pickup requests may not be possible. Students frequently take trips off site, please be sure to arrive on time so that trips may depart as planned. Arrival to class more than 15 minutes after class begins may result in your child missing their class’ departure. If this is the case your student will not be able to attend program that day. Please be mindful of class start and end times.

NESS programs are designed to give students as much time on the water as possible. If a class has planned to spend the day on a boat, they will be out as long as program will allow. Because of this, you may not be able to pick your child up from program early.

What do you do if it rains during camp?

Every class has a back-up indoor lesson plan in the event of inclement weather. Classes may choose to go out in light rain but will remain inside if there is any chance of severe inclement weather.

What is your cancellation policy?

If registration is cancelled more than three weeks in advance you will receive a full refund. If cancelled between four and twenty-one days in advance, a refund is not guaranteed, but will be given if we are able to fill your spot, or you can transfer your registration to another week! If cancelled within three days of program starting you may not receive a refund or have the opportunity to reschedule, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Cancellations due to illness or injury will be refunded in full after providing NESS with a doctor’s note.

Does NESS offer make-up days if my camper is sick?

There are no make-up days for classes missed for any reason.