Stonington Summer Camp Week 5

The forecasted stormy weather week held off for our ocean excursions! Our endless programs had non-stop adventure and discovery with time to reflect and innovate. With programs that foster growth and spark curiosity, our students had a week to remember!

Marine Science Students

Our littlest students, the Little Aquanauts, tested a variety of marine vehicles while practicing balance and techniques! To help design their own adventure vehicle, the Little Aquanauts experimented to determine successes and challenges of each craft. The Bay Bounders discovered slime in the ocean while kayaking and learned why it’s important. Of course, the scientists designed their own slime creation to take home! In the afternoon, Bay Bounders mimicked the swimming styles of sharks, dolphins, and squid while snorkeling and practicing new swim skills. Learning about the challenges of fish farming by designing and building an aquaculture system, the Ocean Explorers discovered what it’s like to raise fish for food or profit. Managing water quality and feeding schedules are some necessary tasks to ensure a healthy environment! While surfing, stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, boat trips, and snorkel adventures, the afternoon Ocean Explorers analyzed wave dynamics and designed new ways to improve the boards. The Marine Biologists explored Long Island Sound with kayaking, boogie boarding, windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure field excursions! Researching eco-friendly technologies, the Marine Biologists also designed their own prototypes based on environmental issues and impacts.

Adventure Sports Students

Our Mixed Sports program learned to harness the natural force of wind and the ocean’s waves! Students predicted and selected waves while gaining excellent upper body strength, balance, and core fitness. Fishing studied fish habits and used a variety of styles and techniques in the best fishing areas by boat and shore. Powerboating focused on advanced boating techniques, such as comfort and ease with shallow water navigation, anchoring near a beach, docking, and using charts, compass, and GPS to determine location.

Sailing Students

Our beginner level, Taste of Optis, became familiar with water safety while learning what it feels like to be on the water. The Opti Intermediate Level gained confidence by sailing solo and sharpening their skills. Challenged by learning to us hiking straps and tiller extension, the Opti Green Fleet program expanded their knowledge of wind and racing techniques. Our Opti Race program worked on more advanced techniques such as roll tacks, jibes, and racing strategies. A level up is the new Hartley 12 boat designed for recreational sailing. The students learned basic sailing lingo, rigging, and sailing techniques.  The 420 Developmental Team prepares students to join the advanced 420 Racing Team program by focusing on basic choreography and boat handling. The 420 Racing Team set goals to enhance development and position proficiency to prepare for more regattas throughout the summer. Whereas the Sailing Adventures program focused on improving sailing techniques while sailing around Stonington Harbor and Fishers Island Sound. Our Windsurfing and SUP program practiced tacking and gybing, self-rescue, and proper stance while harnessing the wind.

Experiences like these are offered throughout our whole summer! Check out what classes are still available to get your adventurousNESS on.