Stonington Summer Camp Week 4

We can’t believe a month has flown by! Another week of clear and sunny skies allowed our students to take full advantage of adventure and education on the ocean! This past week there was an emphasis on environmental stewardship, adventure sports variety, and innovation.

Marine Science Students

The littlest students, the Little Aquanauts, explored local habitats and watersheds, learning the effects of our everyday activities on our land and waterways. Examining the connections of amphibious animals to water, the Little Aquanauts got a taste of stand up paddle boarding, surfing in the harbor, and snorkeling in shallow waters! Focusing on being green, the Bay Bounders observed animals in their natural habitat and designed an eco-friendly product from recycled materials. In the afternoon, Bay Bounders took a trip back in time to learn about shipwrecks and ship building. They then used their knowledge to construct, test, and race a model boat!

To understand how global climate change and rising seas might affect our local communities, the Ocean Explorers took boat trips and snorkel adventures before teaming up and creating an innovative way to spread awareness. In the afternoon, Ocean Explorers took on a different type of threat, a Kraken in Stonington Harbor! The brave explorers joined the NESS Dungeon Master on the live-action quest to complete challenges, solve puzzles, battle sea creatures, find loot, and save the town! The Marine Scientists ventured into the outdoors as well, but with cameras as weapons. The group worked in teams to make a creative and fun short film dedicated to ocean awareness and appreciation. The videos were then shared with other NESS students and entered into the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival if they chose!

Adventure Sports Students

Mixed Sports worked as a team to design relay races using NESS equipment, such as kayaks, SUPs, and snorkels! Focusing on balance, engaging the core, and exploring, Mixed Sports pushed the limits of ocean fitness to build strength, stability, and flexibility. The afternoon program used all different types of boards to ride the waves and take their skill to the next level. Surfing rode the rolling waters of coastal Rhode Island, learning how to predict, select, and judge waves. On the calmer waters, fishing used a variety of types and techniques to catch the “big one” and studied fish habits, local fisheries, and fishing impacts.

Sailing Students

The sailing classes offered for all levels gave the students instruction tailored to their needs. Taste of Optis class became familiar on the water, learning different parts of the boat and steering. Opti Intermediate reinforced the comfort on the water and the ability to sail solo. The Hartley Levels 1 and 2 gives students optimal time to practice and refine their sailing skills as the Hartley 12 is fast to rig and an easy sail. Sailing Adventures introduced more advanced sailing techniques and navigation around Stonington Harbor and Fishers Island Sound. The new combo class just for teens, sailed a variety of NESS’s boats while learning advanced concepts and technique, including spinnaker usage! Other students learned the ways of the wind with windsurfing and SUP basics, such as proper stance, self-rescue, tacking and gybing.

Give your child the gift of experiential learning and personal growth with NESS this summer in one of our upcoming programs!