Sail Green!

Be The Change You Want to Sea in the World

NESS believes that sailors like ourselves are true allies and stewards of our ocean.  Whether you are out for a pleasure cruise or competing in a regatta, the ocean is yours to enjoy. Along with the privilege of appreciating the seas comes the responsibility of keeping the oceans and its environments clean and healthy so we can continue using them for our enjoyment!  Even professional sailors are realizing the importance of boaters in the race to keep our oceans safe and clean for future seafarers.

This past year was the Volvo Ocean Race, a yacht race around the world held every three years. The route brought them right here to our neighbors in Newport, RI this year! One of the teams from the race, Turn the Tide on Plastic, decked out their boat with visions of big blue waves and the words “It’s time to turn the tide” and “clean seas, turn the tide on plastic”. The team was led by Britain’s Dee Caffari who wanted to bring awareness to the sailing community about the importance of sustainability and the state of the ocean’s health. Throughout the race, this team collected microplastics with filters which were then analyzed, published, and made available for the public to see. Sailors were surprised to see the levels of plastics even in the most remote areas of the ocean. There was even a two-day event during the race for the competitors to discuss how to plan for healthier oceans.

How can you be a greener boater? Lots of ways! Here are a few tips!

  1. Conservation moorings instead of traditional concrete moorings
  2. Use “green” epoxies for laying up hulls or glass work, rather than traditional resin
  3. Upcycle old sails into bags
  4. Bring your trash with you off the boat
  5. Fill tanks slowly and use rags to catch spillage
  6. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products on your boat
  7. Think about using eco-friendly sunscreen and hygiene products before jumping in the water
  8. Navigate carefully around wildlife and marine habitats