Powerboating Tips from NESS’s Director of Operations

Top 5 Tips from NESS’s Ben Yanni

On Friday, August 5, NESS Director of Operations Ben Yanni and Jim Quinn were driving a powerboat with their significant others after dinner in Watch Hill. Around 8 pm, they saw half a dozen adults waving for help out on the water.

According to The Day’s Deborah Straszheim, who details what happened in her recent article, the stranded boaters had hit Seal Rock and some of the passengers suffered injuries.

Fortunately, Ben and Jim knew what to do. They acted quickly, stepped aboard to make sure everyone was okay, and immediately radioed the police and fire department for help.

Jim, a former powerboating student of Ben’s, commented that the injured boaters were fortunate Ben was there at the right place and the right time to help them out.

Ben has been a commercial captain for 10 years and has been teaching at NESS for 3 years. During the summer of 2016, Ben has taught approximately 50 customized classes including US Powerboating Safe Boater courses, coastal navigation courses, and private powerboating instruction courses. His courses are extremely beneficial to all who want to brush up on their skills or are brand new to boating. In order to stay safe on the water, it’s vital to know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Here are Ben’s Top 5 Tips for boaters (come take a class to learn the rest!):
1. Know before you go: make sure to check local charts and weather conditions to ensure trip safety. When in doubt consult local professionals, attend training, and research your trip…knowledge is power!).
2. Size up the scene and ensure passenger safety is the number one priority.
3. Alert Coast Guard or Emergency Response Crews Immediately.
4. Use all your resources including onboard safety equipment and nearby boaters.
5. Stay Calm: keeping calm will help everyone make good decisions and expedite the rescue.

To learn how you can sign up for a powerboating course with Ben this summer or fall, please call 860.535.9362 or email byanni@nessf.org.