Responding to the educational challenges of the day, NESS introduces live, educator-led online STEM courses for students at home.

Stonington, CT — The New England Science & Sailing Foundation now offers their award-winning, accredited, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-based STEM courses online with live educators leading each lesson in order to serve schools, parents, and students. Featuring the unique experiential learning that sets NESS apart, these dynamic courses are live, instructor-led programs designed to support the continued education of students, minimizing learning losses and keeping students engaged in their education during these difficult times.

NESS is offering live courses for students in the following topics:

  • Weather or Not—The Earth Changes: An exploration of our changing world.
  • Sailing at Home: Designing ways to move with the wind.
  • Green is GO—Plants v. Seaweeds: Comparisons between plants and seaweeds.
  • Plankton Olympics: Check out the mini plants and animals found locally by using technology to study them in real time.
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: How different types of camouflage help animals survive.
  • Underwater Exploration—Challenge to Explore the Deep: Design your own virtual submersible and explore the planet’s largest habitat.
  • Marine Debris: You will walk away from this online learning adventure with the knowledge to keep our ocean clean and healthy, no matter where you live. Experiment with buoyancy, design a model ocean, and dive into how different types of marine debris decompose.

“The NESS Team is very excited to offer a new platform to our school partners that leverages the experiential learning they have come to expect from NESS,” said NESS President and CEO Spike Lobdell, adding, “NESS will expand its live online ocean adventure educational opportunities in the weeks to come.”

For more information on how you can schedule and/or attend a live NESS STEM class, please contact Pam Gibbs at pgibbs@nessf.org or 860.535.9362.