NESS’s 2018 Annual Benefit Gala

As you may have heard, NESS’s Annual Benefit Gala on November 3rd was a success! We had 245 people attend the event and were glad to see both familiar faces as well as meet new friends of NESS. Thank you to all of the sponsors, advertisers, donors, and volunteers who helped us reach our goals for the night!

At this year’s Gala, Sydney Clays gave NESS supporters a sense of the impact that our programs have on students. Sydney started at NESS in 2011 as a scholarship student and then became a sailing instructor at NESS in 2015. Gala goers got to hear first hand about the life changing personal growth that Sydney has experienced both as student and instructor here at NESS.

This event would not have been possible without the helping hands and creative spirits of our fabulous Gala Committee Members: Holly Burt, Hannah Careb, Kierstan Field, Tish Follett, Rebecca Foss, Margie Geiger, Evelynn Lyons,Sage MacLeod, Laura Moran, Diane Reynolds, Jeanne Rollins, Barbara Scott, Meg Spenlinhauer. Their knowledge, experience, and passion made this Gala a fun and exciting evening.

Thank you to all those who attended and congratulations to our Volunteers of the Year, the Salcedo Family, for their outstanding service to NESS.

All of Us at NESS