Mentoring Matters! NESS Wins Outstanding Mentor Champion Award

Since 2012, NESS has been an integral part of the New London community. Our AmeriCorps team and New London staff work year-round to provide STEM-based ocean adventure programming to grades K-12 both on the water and in the classroom.

For our consistent commitment and support of youth mentoring, the Eastern Connecticut Mentoring Collaborative (ECMC) selected NESS as its Outstanding Mentor Champion. As part of the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, the ECMC promotes mentoring as a means of empowering young people. January is National Mentoring Month, and to celebrate, ECMC is recognizing the people and organizations that make a difference in young people’s lives through mentoring. We are honored to receive the Outstanding Mentor Champion Award!

Our AmeriCorps members and New London staff mentor the students of New London every day. Not only do members teach enrichment programs in four different schools in the district, but members provide mentoring and in-class support for students. Elementary school members assist students with Math and Reading Labs, which provides extra time for students to develop their math and reading skills. Middle school members spend the academic day in classrooms to provide support for teachers and students. This gives teachers the opportunity to focus on the lesson and teaching, while members can assist students who might be falling behind or who might need a little extra motivation to start an assignment. In the high school, our AmeriCorps member helps in remedial math classes to keep students on track and provides individual attention.

Our mentoring not only helps the students academically, but also allows students to build trusting relationships with our members. Throughout the year, we have heard about many of our members making real connections with the students, helping them stay in class, catch up on school work, and become better members of their community. When students see and interact with the AmeriCorps members in their schools and classrooms every day, we help provide consistency and continue to strengthen our relationship with the New London community.

So, a big shout out to all of our AmeriCorps members and New London staff for making a difference in the lives of New London youth and helping NESS carry out our mission of Building Brighter Futures. Thank you for all you do!