Proclamation From the City of New London

It has been a busy and exciting year in New London! Mary Ann Horrigan, NESS, and the NESS SEA AmeriCorps Program were recognized by Mayor Passero at the December 19th New London City Council meeting. The proclamation reads as follows: Whereas, NESS has been an outstanding and effective partner with the City of New London, […]

The First Steps

Billy is an avid NESS-goer and absolutely loves the water. At first, he was a little nervous since he was not the greatest swimmer and was uncomfortable in the water. However, after a few baby steps—like getting into a life jacket and taking a trip to the dock—he took a major step by getting into […]

Looking for a Vacation Activity?

Do you have kids home for vacation or family in town for the holidays? If so, we have a couple of activity ideas for you! If the weather permits, get outside and clean up our shoreline! INFORMATION ON HOW TO LOG MARINE DEBRIS: FIRST: Download Marine Debris tracker APP on your phone (iPhone) (Google Play) […]

Learning to Sail

Even though they were eager to learn to sail, Janelle and Samantha’s first experience on the Hartley did not go so well! They were frightened of how much faster and harder the bigger boat was to control. They tried to get back on course for a few minutes, and then I volunteered to jump in […]

The Student Becomes the Leader

Angelina opened up to me quickly at our first after-school program. While it was obvious she felt like an outsider, she came forth and spoke to me about her doubts at the end of the day. The next time Angelina arrived at Ocean Beach, she jumped right in. By no means an expert, she felt […]

Trying Something New!

While there have been days and moments when I feel I have impacted a child’s life, the acts I did for students on their first day of sixth grade are the things I am most pleased with. The first day of school is always filled with nervousness and excitement. For any incoming sixth grader, the […]

Gregory’s Turn

One by one students plopped into the water and swam their best. Finally, it was Gregory’s turn. He cautiously stepped down the ladder into the water and hung onto the wall, looking at me for further instructions. I asked him to start swimming and go as far as possible—but I only received a couple blinks […]

Great Story: The Wonders of the Ocean

Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Maggie Cozens “I am standing in the Alewife Salt Marsh, holding out an especially tiny hermit crab to Egan, the delighted 7th grader beside me. He reaches for it and it plops down in the water again. It scampers away quickly, but Egan – our undeterred resident naturalist- pursues […]

2016 Annual Benefit Gala: It’s All About the Kids

NESS will hold its 8th Annual Benefit Gala on Saturday, November 5, 2016. This year’s gala will highlight NESS’s year-round ocean adventure educational programs for students in grades PreK-16 as well as honor all those who helped NESS serve more than 6,000 students throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island since last year. Funds raised at the […]

NESS Announces New Chairman of the Board

NESS announced that the Board of Directors has elected William (Bill) Follett as its first Chairman of the Board Bill Follett has been a director on NESS’s Board for two years. He recently retired as Founder and CEO of Dotcom Distribution, the premier distribution company he owns in Edison, New Jersey. Bill previously held positions […]