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Bring your corporate group or team of teachers to New England Science & Sailing for a day of fun on the water. Nothing improves communication more than working as a team in a ‘non-traditional’ environment to accomplish pre-established goals. For example, teams have to figure out how to get their CEO back to shore when blindfolded on a stand-up paddle board without the team being able to touch the board. Perhaps pitting one business unit against another for a rousing game of kayak water polo and then bringing the stories back to the ‘bar.’

New England Science & Sailing Supportive Environmental Adventure Learning (SEAL) Programs:  SEAL Programs are custom-built to suit the needs of your group of students. Programs will incorporate a socially-inclusive environment and provide fun, engaging, hands-on, ocean-related activities. Students will have the opportunity to work as a team, become more socially aware, and care for the ocean and natural environment.  Many of the classes listed previously can also be adapted for a supportive learning environment.

Events at New England Science & Sailing