How to use GiveSmart!

We are excited to use GiveSmart at our Gala this weekend for our Silent Auction and Giving Tree. Take a look at this video to learn more about how to use GiveSmart!

Longtime Educational Leader Chosen to Serve as Executive Director of Education at NESS


Longtime Educational Leader Chosen to Serve as Executive Director of Education at New England Science & Sailing Foundation Eric Isselhardt, PhD, named NESS’s first Executive Director of Education STONINGTON, CT: A veteran executive with deep experience in both nonprofit and for-profit educational organizations has been selected to serve as the new Executive Director of Education […]

One week out from our Gala!

The countdown is on! We are just about sold out of tickets (grab yours today if you haven’t already!) and are looking forward to our Gala on November 2nd. Here are a few updates for Gala goers and those participating from home: GiveSmart We are excited to use online bidding for our Silent Auction and […]

Can the Ocean Predict a Harsh Winter?

As fall is quickly approaching and temperatures are dropping, many people look to the trusty, old Farmer’s Almanac. But how do we predict long-term forecasts? Along with many other factors, the ocean is a great predictor of weather. For example, tides and water temperatures greatly impact storms and on-shore weather! How does the ocean impact […]

Everyday Choices to Reduce Plastic Use

If you live in Connecticut, you may have noticed that plastic bags are no longer free at stores and food establishments! While this might be a nuisance if you forgot your reusable bags at home, it does make us stop and think about every day choices that impact the environment! If you’re interested in making […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 9

This was our last week of full summer camp offerings and all of our educators and campers made it a wonderful time! From marine science to adventure sports to sailing, we took expeditions on boats, adventure sails throughout the harbor, and learned lots about the ocean. Marine Science The youngest campers, the Little Aquanauts, became […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 8

The weeks are flying by and this week was no exception to the wonderful weather, fun, and learning we’ve been having! Whether sailing, marine science, or adventure sports, campers learned to develop techniques and skills, learn about new topics, and meet new friends. Marine Science Marine science camps focused on everything from swimming skills to […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 7

Week 7 brought lots of exciting trips, research, and learning! And, of course, fun! Sunny skies and fair winds made for a great week to get out on the water whether for sailing, surfing, fishing, wind surfing, kayaking, and more! Students focused on learning new skills and developing new techniques and practices in all areas […]

How Do Fish Breathe? The Science Behind Gills

West Side Middle School 7th Grade

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could breathe underwater like fish? Read on to learn about what kind of crazy biology we would have to have! Even though fish can live their lives underwater, they still need oxygen to “breathe”. Instead of breathing air, fish must get their oxygen from the water. This process requires […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 6

It’s been smooth sailing into August here in Stonington! Last week, students hopped on boats exploring everything from pirates, marine debris, climate change, and more! The heat wave made sure that students of all ages and all class types have gotten plenty of time in and on the water! Marine Science Arrr! The Little Aquanauts […]