Can the Ocean Predict a Harsh Winter?

As fall is quickly approaching and temperatures are dropping, many people look to the trusty, old Farmer’s Almanac. But how do we predict long-term forecasts? Along with many other factors, the ocean is a great predictor of weather. For example, tides and water temperatures greatly impact storms and on-shore weather! How does the ocean impact […]

Everyday Choices to Reduce Plastic Use

If you live in Connecticut, you may have noticed that plastic bags are no longer free at stores and food establishments! While this might be a nuisance if you forgot your reusable bags at home, it does make us stop and think about every day choices that impact the environment! If you’re interested in making […]

How Do Fish Breathe? The Science Behind Gills

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could breathe underwater like fish? Read on to learn about what kind of crazy biology we would have to have! Even though fish can live their lives underwater, they still need oxygen to “breathe”. Instead of breathing air, fish must get their oxygen from the water. This process requires […]

Why is the Ocean Salty? The Science Behind Salinity

Ever been swimming in the ocean and have a big wave come at you quick? You probably got a big gulp of salt water. Yuck! But why is the ocean so salty? Science Behind Salt 97% of all water on Earth is salty and the ocean covers about 70% of the entire Earth’s surface! The […]

How Do Sails Work? The Science Behind Sailing

We love getting students from all walks of life out on the water! We also love to teach the STEM principles behind our sailing and adventure sports! Have you ever wondered how a piece of canvas helps you sail? Read on to learn about the science behind sailing. The Basics The goal of sailing is […]

NESS Summer Reading List

Looking for a good beach read? Dive deep and take a peek at these books recommended by NESS staff! For Adults The Starboard Sea, Amber Dermont: Classic story of friendship, love, and nature set against a Gossip Girl-esque background reminding us why those who feel lost most often find their way at sea. The Sea […]

What’s the Deal With Mineral-Based Sunscreen?

Taking a tropical vacation this summer to snorkel some coral reefs? Think about your sunscreen options before you dive in! Many sunscreens contain chemicals, like oxybenzone and octinoxate, that harm corals by causing coral bleaching. Hawaii has even banned the sale of sunscreens containing these chemicals beginning 2021! What is coral bleaching? Coral bleaching is […]

History Comes Alive Through Ocean Exploration

History came alive this week just off the NESS docks in Stonington Harbor! A collaboration between the Stonington Historical Society and the University of Rhode Island has brought URI’s Brennan T. Phillips, Assistant Professor from the Dept. of Ocean Engineering, to discover and explore the 1814 Battle of Stonington. The National Park Service’s Battlefield Protection […]

Brrr It’s Cold Outside!

The temperatures are dropping as we approach the middle of winter. We hope you’re staying warm this season! Animals, especially those that live in freezing marine climates, unfortunately don’t have the luxury of clothes, so how do they stay warm? Birds Many birds bear the cold weather seasonally or all year round! Some birds, like […]