Great Story: Experiential Learning Come to Life

We recently gave a lesson on rocks and soil to our second graders. As you can imagine, rocks don’t make the most exciting learning material for seven year olds. After a day or two of reviewing different sizes and formations, I could see glazed-over eyes, and was concerned that we weren’t holding our students’ interest. […]

Great Story: Gaining Confidence Through Powerboating

When I take students on a powerboat to learn how to drive, I have to watch their every move to keep them safe during the experience. At the beginning of the course, the first drive is usually an easy one learning to drive away from the dock and then back to the dock at slow […]

Great Story: Adaptive Sailing

by Kali “Orca” Cika After years away from the water, Cynthia, a former Stonington resident, was overjoyed to take the helm of Sweet Caroline, one of our adaptive sailing boats. This 23-foot keelboat is uniquely outfitted for sailors like Cynthia, who has decreased mobility due to stroke. She gracefully used the bars and connective benches […]

Great Story: Perseverance

by Lauren “Noodle” Barber “Last year I was in the back of the group, but this year, I’M IN THE FRONT!” a student kayaking close on my tail exclaimed as he zipped through the water with a big smile on his face. “That’s amazing!” I replied, “Maybe you can share what you learned with other […]

Great Story: Hidden in Plain Site

by Megan “Spyro” Strand via GIPHY “Stop, put down your GPS and look.” Whenever I give these instructions I always think of the Ferris Bueller quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” It’s true, often our students are criticized for always having […]

Great Story: A Little Extra Support Goes A Long Way

Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Megan Murray “It was the 2nd week of my 4th cycle of mentoring at Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School. The students were at their desk eating their Cheez-Its and the room was filled with noise. The door to the room opened slightly and a little boy with a big […]

Great Story: I Can Try

I Can Try Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Elizabeth Allaby “As part of their curriculum, 6th graders at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School must participate in an 8-week long swim program. As a NESS SEA AmeriCorps member, I was fortunate to be able to serve as a swim instructor for the swimmers at the […]

Great Story: Changing Course

Changing Course Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Dylan Gardner At times change can happen very rapidly, like a tacking sailboat.  At other times it is slow, like a cargo ship altering its course at sea.  For students at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, change in the classroom can be the same.  In the beginning of the […]

Great Story: Not-So-Quiet Cafe

Not-So-Quiet Cafe Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Laura “Lorax” Karson “One of my favorite parts of working in Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School is being part of the Quiet Cafe program. Quiet Cafe is a space for students to eat lunch who are not as comfortable eating in the big cafeteria. When we were […]

Great Story: Adventure Sail

Adventure Sail Written by NESS SEA AmeriCorps Member Anna “Piper” Crouser “It was the last week of dinghy sailing and the 6th graders from Bennie Dover Middle School were ready for one last Opti sail before the season was over.  We had planned a follow-the-leader style sail out to Junk Island and back to Greens […]