Stonington Summer Camp Week 7

Week 7 brought lots of exciting trips, research, and learning! And, of course, fun! Sunny skies and fair winds made for a great week to get out on the water whether for sailing, surfing, fishing, wind surfing, kayaking, and more! Students focused on learning new skills and developing new techniques and practices in all areas […]

How Do Fish Breathe? The Science Behind Gills

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could breathe underwater like fish? Read on to learn about what kind of crazy biology we would have to have! Even though fish can live their lives underwater, they still need oxygen to “breathe”. Instead of breathing air, fish must get their oxygen from the water. This process requires […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 6

It’s been smooth sailing into August here in Stonington! Last week, students hopped on boats exploring everything from pirates, marine debris, climate change, and more! The heat wave made sure that students of all ages and all class types have gotten plenty of time in and on the water! Marine Science Arrr! The Little Aquanauts […]

Why is the Ocean Salty? The Science Behind Salinity

Ever been swimming in the ocean and have a big wave come at you quick? You probably got a big gulp of salt water. Yuck! But why is the ocean so salty? Science Behind Salt 97% of all water on Earth is salty and the ocean covers about 70% of the entire Earth’s surface! The […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 5

Can you believe we’ve made it through over a month of camp already? It seems like the weeks are flying by! Week 5 brought us lots of fun, learning, wind, waves, and sun. Our programs always inspire campers to gain confidence and develop teamwork and leadership skills, so you’ll be sure to know that we […]

Stonington Summer Camp Week 4

Summer is flying by and Week 4 was no exception to a wonderful week at camp! Although the skies opened up a bit on Thursday, all our students and instructors were able to get plenty of time out on the water and learning lots of new things! Students traveled all over the area to Fisher’s […]

How Do Sails Work? The Science Behind Sailing

We love getting students from all walks of life out on the water! We also love to teach the STEM principles behind our sailing and adventure sports! Have you ever wondered how a piece of canvas helps you sail? Read on to learn about the science behind sailing. The Basics The goal of sailing is […]

2019 Stonington Camp Week 3

We had another great week (other than an unexpected downpour Friday afternoon!) for campers of all ages and sessions to get out on the water and try something new! During Week 3, NESS students explored everything from the tides and weather to trying out new types of boats. Marine Science Our Little Aquanauts discovered how […]

2019 Stonington Camp Week 2

What a week! We had great weather for marine science, adventure sports, and sailing during week 2! It was pretty toasty, but our campers had plenty of time to beat the heat out on and in the water. Although on July 4th we didn’t have camp, we participated in the Stonington Borough Fourth of July […]

2019 Stonington Camp Week 1

Week 1 was a great kick off to our summer camp season! Thank you so much to all the educators, staff, parents, and campers that made Week 1 such a success! For the most part, we had great weather to spend time in the sun, wind, waves, and sand. Marine Science The marine science programs […]