Traveling Programs

Can't come to NESS? We can come to you! Many of the classes listed previously can be adapted for the classroom. Below are some additional options:

Critters on the Go
Bring a critter tank to your class! Explore the wacky invertebrates that live in your local waters in the convenience of your classroom!

Dissections In & Out
Take an exciting and in-depth look into the anatomy and physiology of an animal. Choose to dissect a fish, squid, or clam. Other options include exploring marine mammal skulls and comparing and contrasting preserved vertebrates and invertebrates.

Field Studies Monitoring
Explore your school's local marine ecosystem and study it over time. Design a program to monitor the long term changes of streams, rivers, ponds or marshes near your school. Study the salinity, the temperature, the pH and the dissolved oxygen to see if it is capable of sustaining life. Record the seasonal changes and the biodiversity of your school’s local marine ecosystem.

Lucy the Life-Size Whale
Whales are really big! Explore the internal and external anatomy of Lucy the 47-foot life-size inflatable whale. Hold a walrus tusk, investigate whale baleen, compare and contrast sea otter and harbor seal pelts and hear about some of the marine mammals that live in our neighborhood. Find out how you are similar to a marine mammal and simulate different communication behaviors of these incredible animals.

Plankton Olympics
Ever wonder about the microorganisms floating around us in our waters? Check out the mini plant and animals using microscopes, find out how they provide the basis of the food web to our oceans, and learn why these teeny tiny creatures are so important to you and me!

Watershed Wonders
Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Do you know where the water goes after it travels down the drain? Each and every day people use water and change the natural systems that keep it fresh and clean. How do we impact our water systems and the watersheds that sustain our population? Examine our water quality and our impact on our fresh water sources.

What Floats Your Boat?
Explore why boats float. Use recycled materials to create a model boat and examine the physics of how boats float. Take it to the next level and design a sail to harness the ferocious winds of a household box fan!