Adaptive Programs (SEAL)

NESS Supportive Environmental Adventure Learning (SEAL) Programs:  SEAL Programs are custom-built to suit the needs of your group of students. Programs will incorporate a socially-inclusive environment and provide fun, engaging, hands-on, ocean-related activities. Students will have the opportunity to work as a team, become more socially aware, and care for the ocean and natural environment.  Many of the classes listed previously can also be adapted for a supportive learning environment.

"The activities the NESS staff prepared for my students on the spectrum was excellent. The last activity was teaching them to paddle a kayak. I was pretty sure the students might get near the kayaks but to my surprise they got into them and went out into the harbor. They were so proud of their accomplishment. Don't underestimate what a student with special needs will do at NESS. I definitely want to return to the program."
- Rosemarie Rose, The Light House, Special Education Director.