Sailing Programs at NESS

Water Sport Adventures
Try a new sport in a safe and fun way! Get a taste of sailing, kayaking, surfing, or windsurfing in this adventure program. Class is designed specifically for pre-K students to try the techniques of these sports in a controlled safe environment or on land. Choose to sail in Opti Trainers while tied to the docks, kayak with an instructor, or simulate surfing, and windsurfing on land by practicing balancing on the boards, surf pop-ups, and pulling up the windsurf sail. Pick 2 sport options for every hour of class.Suitable for Grades Pre-K-K.

Sailing Sy-STEMs
Sailing is a fantastic avenue to actualize STEM education in an exciting real life application. Learn the physics behind sailing, simple machines, basic navigation principles, or other REACH modules as students actually climb onboard and experience the incredible feeling of sailing! Designed for grades 5-8, we have the ability to align to your current STEM initiatives. Choose to use small Opti trainers or our 23’ Sonar sailboats to get underway. Look to the REACH Section of this Educators Guide for further options. Suitable for Grades 5-8.

Sonar Sailing Science
Jump aboard one of our 23’ Sonar Sailboats and discover some of the science behind how a sailboat works. Learn to work as a team while a NESS Educator teaches you the basics about how a boat works, why we need wind, and simple machines. Sail safely around our harbor making keen observations during this wonderful sailing experience. Suitable for Grades 1-4.

Science by Sail
Science by Sail offers a variety of options all while sailing aboard one of our 23’ Sonar Sailboats. These sailboats are catalysts to many opportunities including learning about our local ecosystems and understanding the physics principles behind sailing. Use this program to augment curriculum goals through real life application. One of our educators will be on board to facilitate the learning process while safely navigating around Stonington Harbor and Fishers Island Sound. Suitable for Grades 9-12.