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NESS has the capability to handle up to 60 students at once by rotating groups of students at different learning stations that can include: Marine Science, Intro to Sailing, Team Building and Kayaking. Prices will vary based on the number of students participating and program choices. To make a reservation for a NESS program at the NESS facility or at your school, please call us at (860) 535-9362 or email at

Please have the following information available to make your reservation with NESS:

    • What dates are you interested in scheduling a program?
    • What age or grade level are the students?
    • How many students?
    • First choice program; Second choice program; Third choice program

Studying something different with your class? Work with NESS Program Directors and NESS Educators to customize your own program and meet your students' learning needs. Coordinate your school's curriculum with NESS programming and choose from various marine science, adventure sports or sailing options. Utilize NESS' unique waterfront and facility, the NESS marine science lab and/or the NESS fleet of watercraft to create your own exciting, engaging and hands-on adventure program.

All students can benefit from NESS's programs, though underserved students arguably benefit more because they have fewer opportunities for activities that engage, empower, and transform. NESS's scholarship program enables outreach to underserved communities and students, providing everyone opportunities for experiential learning, personal growth, and stewardship of our communities and environment. Catalyzed by a $250,000 multi-year grant from the National Recreation Foundation (NRF) several years ago, in 2013 NESS's scholarship program helped over 900 underserved students from nearby communities.

School groups qualify for NESS scholarships based on their percentage of students eligible for free and reduced price lunches. To find out if your school qualifies, please contact NESS or consult our scholarship policy, which may be found at As always, we are grateful to our generous donors who make these scholarships possible.

"We are delighted to be part of the NESS scholarship leadership team and we are thrilled by NESS's progress in making a difference in the lives of children each year experiencing science and sailing – in many cases for the very first time."

– NRF Spokesperson