Invitation to Educators

Welcome to NESS!


We invite you to let us help you guide your students on a journey of academic and personal discovery.

NESS Academic Programs for K-12 Schools from New England Science & Sailing on Vimeo.


More and more teachers are turning to NESS to help them expand their students' learning opportunities. NESS's STEM-based adventure education curriculum provides opportunities for:

  • Experiential Learning: Actively engaging students through doing, seeing,
    feeling, and inquiring for more-than-just-hands-on, full body, multi-sensory
    experiences that heighten learning.
  • Personal Growth: Taking students on and in the water – out of their
    comfort zones – to places they literally and figuratively have never been
    before, leading to transformational personal discovery and empowerment.
  • Inclusiveness: Opening doors to on-the-water learning and personal
    growth for all, regardless of financial means or intellectual or developmental abilities.
  • Stewardship: Fostering connections between students and their communities and the natural environment, engendering relevancy, respect, and protection.

Getting your students out of the classroom, on the water, and in the lab with NESS
can lead to increased academic achievement as well as personal growth for your
students. Utilizing an interdisciplinary STEM approach, NESS keeps education
relevant to students lives, and prepares students for college and careers.

NESS offers:

  • Experienced adventure educators to inspire and guide inquisitive minds.
  • Curricula aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards that also reinforce ocean literacy.
  • A convenient location allowing access to Long Island Sound's complex marine ecosystems.
  • A large fleet of boats from which to explore.
  • Lab and aquaria facilities for hands-on research and experiments.
  • Partnership with US Sailing for their REACH Program.