Grades Pre K - 4

Animals have special senses for sight, touch, hearing, hunting, and hiding. Students experiment with their sense capabilities and compare findigns to animals found locally and around the world. Students mimic and investigate some of the abilities of marine animals including crabs, sea stars, dolphins, fish, and more. 

Choose a Little Technaut challenge that can include driving a Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), manipulating microscopes to discover the tiny world of plankton, using iPads to compare the human body to a Killer Whale, or trying out document cameras for closer inspection of corals, fish skeletons, and crab claws.

Try a new sport in a safe and fun way! Students get a taste of sailing, kayaking, surfing, or windsurfing and investigate the effect they can have on the motion of an object in this STEAM adventure program.

Students use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to undertake exciting STEAM challenges. Choose from a variety of challenges that can include Biomimicry, Momentum & Forces, Wind Power Investigations, Density Discoveries, Catapults, Bridge Designs, Boat Keel Experiments, or the Boat Pitch and Roll Contest using protractors & angles.

Jump aboard one of our 23’ Sonar Sailboats and discover the science of a sailboat. Students learn to work as a team while a NESS educator teaches the basics about how a boat works, why we need wind, and what simple machines are involved in propulsion. Sail safely around our harbor making keen observations during this wonderful sailing experience.

Discover the deep sea, underwater volcanoes, the ocean coast, and even Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)! Students use NESS ROVs to complete a series of underwater challenges and make anatomical comparisons to deep sea specimens. Explore the history of local ocean-going vehicles, submarines, and ROVs.

Learn the basics of holding a kayak paddle, paddling strokes, and sitting safely in a kayak while out on the water. Students will get a taste of kayaking in the safety of Stonington Harbor with experienced kayak guides.

Use engineering skills for a series of LEGO® science challenges that improve communication skills. Students can build a mystery animal, graph construct a working sailboat, or engineer a bridge that will hold a full can of soda. Choose one challenge per hour.