REACH Programs at NESS

The REACH Program utilizes sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establish a love of learning and explore productive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based careers. We Combine educators, sailing instructors, engineers, and scientists with today’s youth to provide them with a one of a kind authentic learning experience, giving students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a cooperative work environment.

US Sailing’s REACH program strives to engage youth and enhance career opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Environmental Stewardship through authentic learning Experiences.

REACH Modules

  • Module 1 Measuring Wind
  • Module 3 Sail Area and Perimeter
  • Module 4 Simple Machines on Sailboats
  • Module 5 Water Quality Testing
  • Module 6 Marine Debris
  • Module 7 Upwind Sailing Angles
  • Module 8 Land and Sea Breezes
  • Module 9 Wind Power
  • Module 10 Underwater Exploration


  • The modules consist of on the water, off the water, and classroom based learning activities that can be taught in collaboration with local school teachers and NESS.
  • The modules are correlated to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as US Sailing’s Learn Sailing Right! Beginner and Intermediate.