Clean Ocean Program

10 Easy Steps Towards Ocean Stewardship

Collect marine debris & dispose of properly
When you see something in the water that doesn’t belong, pick it up (provided you can do so safely).  Participate in or host beach cleanups.

Lead by example – reuse & recycle
Be a role model.  Use reusable and recyclable materials whenever possible: water bottles, plates, utensils.  If you must buy disposables, buy paper products – not plastic.  Recycle motor oil and donate old gear to nonprofits.

Employ water dispensing equipment
For regattas and programs invest in water bottle refilling stations by purchasing inexpensive pumps for five gallon water containers, purchasing Zip 2 Water systems, or installing permanent equipment.

Always secure trash to keep it out of the water
Do not throw anything overboard or allow to blow away.  Stow trash onboard for proper disposal ashore.  Clean up after yourself.

Never release harmful products
Take care when performing maintenance on your boat so that cleaners, oil, fuel, and oily bilge water do not end up in the ocean.


Opt for environmentally friendly products
Learn about, find, and use environmentally friendly cleaners, soaps, paints, etc. Here’s how to find out more:

Call for a pumpout
They’re free and easy!  Did you know you can schedule a pumpout online? Or maybe you just want to call. Here’s how to find out more:

Establish a waste management plan
US regulations require boats 40 feet and over to have a written waste management plan. Here’s how to find out more:

Advocate for the environment
Speak up and get involved.  Support environmental groups, learn about threats. Let people know when they could be kinder to the ocean.

Nurture & protect the ocean, wildlife & plants
Practice safe and clean boating.  Don’t walk on dunes and keep a safe distance from wildlife – “observe, don’t disturb”