Proclamation From the City of New London

It has been a busy and exciting year in New London!

Mary Ann Horrigan, NESS, and the NESS SEA AmeriCorps Program were recognized by Mayor Passero at the December 19th New London City Council meeting. The proclamation reads as follows:

Whereas, NESS has been an outstanding and effective partner with the City of New London, New London Public Schools and community organizations; New England Science & Sailing Foundation is a non-profit ocean adventure education program that engages students in experiential learning that builds confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Whereas, NESS provides experiential learning opportunities that actively engage students through doing, seeing, feeling, and inquiring for more-than-just-hands-on experiences that heighten learning;

Whereas, NESS creates opportunities for student personal growth by taking students out of their comfort zones for transformational personal discovery and empowerment;

Whereas, NESS embraces inclusiveness and opens doors to on-the-water learning and personal growth for all, regardless of financial means or intellectual or developmental abilities;

Whereas, NESS is committed to a healthy ocean and the culture of stewardship by fostering connections between students and their communities and the natural environment to engender relevancy, respect, and protection.

Whereas, NESS provides opportunities to 100 different schools in CT, students during the academic year and 7,000 youth and adult students during the year.

Whereas, NESS has served over 1,200 students in New London Public Schools during the academic year, 650 summer learning students at New London Community Boating and Ocean Beach, employed 8 students through the “Summer Work For It” Teen Employment program with New London Youth Affairs, promoted stewardship with 250 individuals through the Ocean Beach Eco-Tour program and served students of the New London Recreation Department, Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern CT, Camp Rotary, Adventure Camp, Family Resource Center, Covenant Shelter, Drop-In Learning Center, Mitchell College, among others and provided an additional 1,500 Mentoring/Tutoring hours during the school day.

Whereas, NESS through the New London Initiative provides quality early childhood through Grade 12 STEM opportunities that build scholars who are college and career ready utilizing the maritime tradition and rich local marine environment.

Now, therefore, I, Michael E. Passero, Mayor of the City of New London, along with the citizens, extend our sincere appreciation to the New England Science & Sailing Foundation and its outstanding educators for the valuable work they have done and continue to do.