Team Building Outings at NESS

Bring your corporate group or team of teachers to NESS for a day of fun on the water. Nothing improves communication more than working as a team in a 'non-traditional' environment to accomplish pre-established goals. For example, teams have to figure out how to get their CEO back to shore when blindfolded on a stand-up paddle board without the team being able to touch the board. Perhaps pitting one business unit against another for a rousing game of kayak water polo and then bringing the stories back to the 'bar.'

Here are the types of activities we have provided to corporate customers:

  • Big Boat Sailing
    Enable the team to enjoy the experience of sailing even if they have never participated before. The Foundation has access to two large cruising boats that would sail together around the beautiful waters of Fisher's Island Sound. The crew will be allowed to do as much or as little on the boat as they prefer. Each boat will be staffed by a competent sailor who will be fully responsible for the boat, but will allow the crew to drive, adjust the sails, or just plain relax.

  • 'Your Company' Olympics
    The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat……. In the true to the spirit of international competition, the Foundation staff will divide your group into different teams. Each team will represent the country of their choosing. Whether it be Jamaica (you remember their bobsled team) or South Africa or Lichtenstein, all athletes will march into the Olympic venue to participate in four 'sports.' To get the teams ready, we could assign the teams and nationalities before the event so they can 'practice.' A member of each team must participate in at least one event to determine the medal winners.

    Events include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:
    • Track and Field using stand up paddle boards
    • Discus and javelin throws from kayaks
    • Speed Sailing where teams have to rig a sailboat from a diagram, get it in the water and move the boat by whatever means possible (hopefully sailing) for 100 yards
    • 'Tennis' in the internationally renowned Foundation Ping Pong center Our esteemed panel of judges will score each event. Points will be awarded for each position along with marks for style. Final results will be announced at a cocktail party following the event.

  • Adventures in Kayaks
    Participants will do more in kayaks than ever felt possible.
    • Tour of our wonderful rivers and estuaries
    • Kayak water polo
    • Relay races
    • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Other Activities
    We are only limited to your imagination!
    • Private lessons in any of our sailboats (including windsurfers, stand-up paddle boards).
    • Stand-up paddle board golf. You have to hit a beach ball into a whaler 100 yards away
    • Our Marine Biology instructors take the team snorkeling to discover the local area marine life.
    • We can create some of the more traditional team building exercises using our nautical themes. For example having a group figure out how to rig about based on just a diagram. We can have teams race each other.
    • Corporate scavenger hunt, where teams have to find 'relevant' materials to your business based on clues around the harbor.
    • Building a boat/raft from stay materials and then racing it.
    • Survival style – Ship Wreck. Have to work as a team to build a camp for the night/day (shelter/food/water) with what has "washed" ashore from their ship wreck.
    • Relays using multiple items & with a saying that gets passed on between each section of the relay (Swimming, kayaking, running, etc.)
    • Watershed wonders: Working as a team to get their source of water down a pipeline safely to their catch zone