Spring Cleaning Reset

Steve Elci
No Comments March 3, 2017

Sometimes after weeks of programs, resetting the work space with deep cleaning and organization is refreshing.

Although winter is still with us, there are already signs of spring in the air. And with the spring season approaching... we thought we would take preemptive action and get our spring cleaning done ahead of the change in seasons!

Over this winter, NESS staff members have taught in New London with gusto. The relentlessly shuffling projects and moving gear took its toll on the classroom, and yesterday the staff decided to take time and reset for spring.

As the staff began emptying bins for organization, I noticed how well the team was working together. Staff members, almost without speaking, were working as unit breaking down boxes and forming a train to take the material out for recycling. An air of nostalgia settled on the room as staff members emptied boxes and found old projects that they had worked on with students. Discovering these past projects sparked memories and laughter amongst the team. But what I noticed most of all was the team unity and overwhelming sense of pride. It was clear that all the staff cared deeply about making sure the Ocean Beach facility would be ready for spring and all the students that would visit the classroom.

We are proud of our goal to engage students in experiential learning to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. NESS is committed to providing quality STEM opportunities that build scholars who are college and career ready utilizing the maritime tradition and rich local marine environment. But what I have come to realize is that this mission  is not just a statement of teaching for the kids, but it is also a valuable life lesson for the entire staff.

At the day’s end and after the team recap, the team said their goodbyes and I began the process of shutting down the facility as I do so often...beginning with the lights and then making sure the heat was off. I turned the key and locked the door with a smile on my face knowing we are ready for spring and beyond and that I am part of a great team.

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