Summer 2017 Week 4 Recap - Stonington

Caroline Knowles
1 Comment July 27, 2017

It was a hot, humid, and, most importantly of all, FUN Week 4 of summer camp in Stonington last week!

The Kayak Geocaching class was on the move all week! They traveled all over the Borough, found caches, and even hid one! The fishing group reports that stripers have arrived on the reef. They caught a very impressive total of over 200 fish! Meanwhile, students in the Adventures Clashes class had a blast trying every adventure sport NESS offers including fishing, SUPing, boogie boarding, and surfing.

The Ocean Explorers were busy last week! They conducted a beach clean-up and found/logged 112 pieces of trash. They also created their own Aquaponic Systems from local salt water species of plants and animals. The Bay Bounders class learned about creatures that undergo metamorphoses and became insects themselves (wings and all!). They also built and tested their own ROVs! Our older marine science students, the Marine Biologists, spent the week shooting, directing, and producing their very own nature films last week!

From the Little Aquanauts educator Jen “Clementine” Manfredi: “This week in Little Aquanauts we had a wonderful time learning about aquariums. We started out the week by visiting the touch tanks and getting an up-close visit with many different sea creatures. We observed what animals need in their tanks and then performed some water tests off the docks using thermometers, hydrometers, and a secchi disk. On Tuesday, we took a walk to the Diving Street beach to collect some creatures for our classroom tank. We used a seine net and our hands to capture Atlantic silver sides, green crabs, hermit crabs and shrimp. On Wednesday, we dissected squid. Our little scientists were so curious about exploring the inside of the squid and learning the function of each part. We found the beak, mantle, pen, heart, eye, stomach, and ink sack. Many children tried finger painting with the ink, and instructor Jessie wore some as face paint and wrote a special message with the pen. After we fed our squid to the aquarium inhabitants and used it for bait to lure crabs and fish to the North dock. On Thursday, we had a kayak adventure to the playground. We parked our boats at the beach and picnicked in the gazebo. Everybody took a try at paddling, well done Aquanauts! On Friday, we walked to Dodge Paddock to view tide pools. We released all of our ocean friends back from where they came. Our art activities this week included a collaborative ocean floor sand and shell collage that will be added to our growing classroom mural. On Friday, we read the book Swimmy, by Leo Lionni, followed by a guided art activity. We each made our own aquarium using oil pastels, crayons and a blue watercolor wash. All week we sang, swam, explored, and played cooperative games (What time is it Mr Fox has been a favorite).”

On the sailing front, NESS Opti Racers took 9 of the top 13 spots at the Fishers Island regatta including 2,3,4,6,7,8 overall. NESS had a clean sweep in Red Fleet finishing 1,2,3! Way to go Opti racers!

It was a great to see so many windsurfers out cruising around the harbor as the windsurfing class was full again this week! It was also awesome to see (for the first time ever!!) all eight Second Taste of Opti students sailing solo around the harbor!

If you are out and about in the harbor, keep an eye out for one of our Waszps! Sailing staff are starting to teach Waszp private sailing lessons, we are hoping to ramp up programming soon!

1 Comment

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