Surfing (Ages 11-17)

Includes: surfing & boat rides    $310/week

Feel the rush of surfing your first wave, riding down the line, shredding the gnar, or honing your surf skills.  Immerse yourself in this incredible sport and gain ocean safety knowledge, confidence, board riding ability and marine environmental awareness through our progressive instruction.  Travel by boat to hunt for beach breaks in safe coastal waters of Rhode Island.  Have fun, surf with friends, and generate a love of the ocean and surfing. 

Morning Class:

Mon – Friday,  9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Week 1 (June 26-30)

Week 3 (July 10-14)

Week 5 (July 24-28)

Week 7 (August 7-11)

Week 9 (August 21-25)